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Q & A

QUESTION: If you can do our ODM/OEM, how is the MOQ to produce?


  •     Please check attachment for HMA film production
  •     Our Monthly capacity approximately 500 ton per months

QUESTION: Is there any other replacement for HMA FILM, as coating application than Lamination? As we do not have Lamination?


Yes, you can use CI-0711 PU LIQUID


They are basically divided into 2 types:

  •     For Coating applications (Breathable or non-breathable on Textiles) / DF Taiwan does not produce it
  •     For Adhesive applications (Hot Melt Adhesive Films) / DF Taiwan does produce it.

Coating applications PU Resin Liquid

  • Lower Molecular weight / No tack / Poor Cohesion / Physical properties not good
  • Remedy : To enhance quality for Coating application, it has been mixed with hardener, to increase its molecular weight and properties
  • Basically different Chemistry

Adhesive applications PU LIQUID ( Our product code is CI-0711)

  • Higher molecular weight / Important property with inherent initial tack / with maximum solid content up to 25%
  • It’s measure use to prepare Hot Melt Adhesive Film, which are PU Based

Why some buyer use PU LIQUID ADHESIVE

  • It is basically in SOLVENT LIQUID FORM, with 25% Solid content
  • It can be applied by Coating Machine and can maintain, lowest thickness possible
  • It is cheaper than HMA Film (Film status condition)
  • How Cheap : In 1 KG PU Liquid can produce 5.2 SQUARE METER HMA FILM.
  • 1 kg PU liquid cost 50% lower than 5.2 SQM HMA film price
  • Disadvantage: Contain Solvent

QUESTION: Do you have OEKOTEX 100 or GOTS? What quality assurance tests usually need? Any International references?


  • Let me clarify your Certification concept.
  • OEKOTEX 100: Majority required for Textile production company
  • GOTS: Additional information majority required for Colorants & Auxiliaries, related with Textile

Regarding your required tests

  • Anything related TEXTILE / Colorants / Auxiliaries, either GOTS or OEKOTEX most common
  • We can provide more information on GOTS examples paper work for test and checklist, as an example, if required.
  • We have GOTS & OEKOTEX full experiences.

Regarding our HMA FILM quality tests

  • Please first understand our company, as per INTRODUCTION FILE, has given how thermoplastic work, DF in General Excel file and Tentative applications excel file
  • Conclusion of Your reading, if you read carefully : Our products are Polymer Chemistry (basically under Thermoplastic) and they are SOLVENT FREE (Due to extrusion production method)

So what should be most proper requirement for QA?

Basically, our products need below tests, which are most common understanding

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Total Lead
  • Total Cadmium
  • Phtalate free
  • Solvent & VOC detection limits

What are supportive QA documents for us? With reference to any International company?

  • We have SGS TAIWAN tests for PU BASED HMA Film, as an example
  • It is for International company AMER SPORTS

How about Nike / ADIDAS?

  • 15 years ago, Double fish developed products for NIKE, it is our Polyolefin Base film EH933B
  • It has been developed for
  • Feng Tay Group, is one of the largest and famous footwear company, related with insole, outsole, Textile to PU FOAM, etc and on the top for SPORTS WEAR
  • They are exclusively do OEM for NIKE & Feng Tay group, buys our HMA film
  • Regarding Adidas : We are currently dealing with YEEZY USA (ADIDAS OWN COMPANY in USA : Already given us small trial order) and one Sothern Apparels (Adidas Factory in Honduras : development in progress)